Rebank: Banking the Future

Banking and financial services are in the midst of rapid structural change. Fintechs and digital banks are redefining their industry and challenging incumbent organizations for market share. Technology is vastly powerful, creating new industries in response to – or sometimes in anticipation of – changing customer expectations. In an age of increasingly rapid change, important questions, debates and developments are unfolding before our eyes. These ideas, and the choices we make in response to them, will shape our future. Rebank: Banking the Future explores the trends, developments and challenges that define our age and shape the future role of money, banking and financial services.
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Oct 25, 2016
Chris Gledhill is the #1 fintech influencer globally and regularly speaks and writes about fintech, banking and the future of financial services.
Chris was lead mobile architect and led the disruptive innovation labs at Lloyds Banking Group before founding Secco (@seccoaura), a next generation "bank." 
Chris has expertise spanning a wide range of disruptive technologies including Blockchain, AI, APIs, Big Data, Deep Learning, Virtual Reality, Crypto Currencies, Biometrics, Mobile & Wearables.
Chris is a regular blogger and his twitter feed (@cgledhill) has become a ‘must follow’ for anyone in the industry looking to keep up to date with the latest fintech developments around the world.
Oct 20, 2016

APIs and banking as a platform will revolutionize banking.

This week we’ve got a special two part edition, with two guests who represent arguably the future of banking and financial services technology.

Martin Häring is the Chief Marketing Officer of Misys (, a global core banking provider that recently opened its systems to third party development, in yet another sign that the industry is moving toward an API-connected, platform model.

I think Misys is doing revolutionary work, and it’s good to see an established organization–a stalwart of global banking systems–taking the lead with such an innovative move. I think it’s reflective of the way fintech is going, the way banking is going, the way financial services is going, and the way technology is going more broadly.

We’ve also got Myles Stephenson, CEO of Modulr (, a UK fintech building out a robust, plug-and-play payments platform to support corporates and fintechs looking to gain more efficient access to payment systems in the UK, above and beyond what’s offered by the banks. Myles has a really interesting take on where the industry is going in terms of systems architecture and platformification.

I think the two guests, the two interviews, support each other nicely and really reinforce this broad based push toward wholly new systems architecture.

As always, tweet at us @rebankpodcast and tweet at me directly @will_beeson to share your thoughts and continue the conversation.

Oct 12, 2016

Duena Blomstrom is an independent digital banking consultant, entrepreneur, VC, speaker and, in her words, "uncomfortably opinionated blogger."

For the past 18 years, Duena has worked across Telco and Finance on strategy and consulting for sales and marketing, including a 5-year stint as Head of Sales and Marketing for Meniga. During her time at Meniga, the company went from being a tiny Icelandic start-up to a market leader in customer engagement.

Duena works at the intersection of technology and behavioral science. She's passionate about helping banks transition from thinking product set to thinking customer needs. She's a regular guest on blogs and podcasts including Breaking Banks, and we're lucky to have her with us today.

Oct 4, 2016

Michael O’Connor is a fintech & banking advisor and investor with extensive experience analyzing, structuring and investing in banking and financial services deals.

Before going independent earlier this year, Michael was a portfolio manager looking at credit and banking transactions for Arrowgrass Capital Partners, a prominent, London-based, financial services-focused alternative investment fund. Prior to Arrowgrass, Michael was a founding partner at Portman Capital Partners, where he advised UKFI and HM Treasury on alternative disposal strategies for UK government-owned banking assets. Michael has also worked in various senior roles at GLG Partners, Polygon Investment Partners, Deutsche Bank and ABN Amro.

Michael is a superbly sharp, thoughtful guy with keen insight into where banking and fintech are going and why.